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Spatial and Social Mobilities in the Medieval and Early Modern Alpine Regions. Workshop LabiSAlp





Spatial and Social Mobilities in the Medieval and Early Modern Alpine Regions: Political, Religious, and Social Dynamics in Boundary Areas


15 March 2023

Accademia di architettura USI
Largo Bernasconi 2, Mendrisio

Villa Argentina, Sala a piano terra / Villa Argentina Building, Ground floor room.


*P partecipazione in presenza - live / W partecipazione on line - on line


9.00 (Ch) /17.00 (Jp)
Saluti / Welcome
Luigi LORENZETTI (Head, LabiSAlp, Università della Svizzera italiana)

Presentazione della giornata / Introduction
Hitomi SATO (Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University)


09. 30 / 17.30
Roberto LEGGERO (P) (LabiSAlp, Università della Svizzera italiana)
Mobility, defense, and maintenance of Alpine passes of supra-local significance in the mountains of Ticino in the late Middle Ages


10.00 / 18.00
Taku MINAGAWA (P) (University of Yamanashi)
Mobility of architects from Ticino in the early baroque court culture; from the will of Filiberto Lucchese (1606-1666)


10. 30 / 18.30 Coffee break


11.30 / 19.30
Atsushi TAJIMA (P) (Ehime University)
Repräsentationen der Mobilität: Exvoto in den oberösterreichischen und niederbayerischen Wallfahrtskirchen


12.00 /20.00
Yuki IKARI (W) (Seisen University)
Deutsche Christentumsgesellschaft and information circulation. Inside and outside of its publishing policy.


12.30 / 20.30
Tomoji ODORI (P) (Musashi University)
The Amishman Jonathan B. Fisher's Homecoming Visit from Pennsylvania to Switzerland in the Early 20th Century. A Prelude to the Amish and Mennonite Transatlantic Heritage Tours


13.00 / 21.00
Borut Žerjal (P) (LabiSAlp, Università della Svizzera italiana)
Migration and development in the border areas of the Swiss and Slovenian mountains: a comparative perspective (18th - 20th century)


13.30 / 21.30
Chiusura della prima giornata / Closing of the first day



16 March 2023

Accademia di architettura
Palazzo Canavée, aula 3.88 / Canavée Building, room 3.88

Via Giuseppe Buffi 5, Mendrisio


09.00 (Ch) / 17.00 (Jp)
Junko RAI(W) (Bukkyo University)
Mobility of Medieval French Hunting Books across the Alps in the Early Modern Period: The case of BnF MS. fr.616.


09.30 / 17.30
Kozo UEDA (W) (Meisei University)
The escape of Charles III, Duke of Bourbon across the Alps: The Duke of Bourbon's network in the early 16th century.


10.00 / 18.00
Nobutada ZUSHI (P) (Konan University)
Coming Back from Lombardy: Cathar Heresy and Mobility in Thirteenth- and Early Fourteenth-Century Languedoc


10. 30 / 18.30 Coffee break


11.30 / 19.30
Massimo Della Misericordia (P) (Universisty of Milan-Bicocca)
Mobilità alpina e identità del clero curato. Problemi generali e prime note sulla ricerca in diocesi di Como.


12.00 / 20.00
Yoshihisa HATTORI (W) (Kyoto Universirty)
Social and spatial mobility of the local elite in the Grisons and South Tirol in the Late Middle Ages


12.30 / 20.30 (W)
Hitomi SATO (P) (Kyoto University)
Dying on the move in the Alps: a case study of a migrant merchant in South Tyrol in the 15th century


13.00 / 21.00
Nobutaka NAKAMACHI (P) (Konan University)
A Tunisian scholar in Medieval Cairo: Knowledge transmission from al-Ayni to al-Washtati and beyond


13.30 / 21.30
Discussione conclusiva / Closing Discussion

14.00 / 22.00 Chiusura della seconda giornata / Closing of the second day






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